Perth Lecture October 2022 – Dr Anne Aly – An Irrepressible Woman

Seminar 2022 – Helping Build a Net Zero Carbon Economy 

Dr Maureen Smith Awarded Life Membership

Perth Lecture 12th June 2022 – Love and Lust in Ancient Rome

The U3A Perth Executive

Strategic Planning Workshop

Choir at Darlington Festival

The U3A Choir hits the right note at Darlington Festival on Sunday the 6th of November 2021.



Have-a-Go Day 2020

U3A Perth had a lot of interest at this year’s Have a Go Day at Burswood. Was wonderful to meet all the people there and explain what U3A is and what it could do for them.


AGM 2020 Speaker – Tom Picton-Warlow

Tom is thanked for his thought-provoking talk by Jennie Cox

What if “The Matrix” was right and what we see, and think in reality is just an illusion? That was the background of Tom Picton-Warlow’s talk to the postponed AGM on Sunday 1 November at the State Library. The ability of Marcell Duchamp to view and think of things in a different and highly creative way, particularly his view of chess and a creative process, gives us an insight into how we should all think creatively about the world and its problems. Tom walked the meeting through Duchamp’s methodology for analysing the world in a different way to come up with creative solutions. The most obvious was repurposing a urinal as a piece of art or fountain. While it met with a lot of resistance and scepticism similar thinking when applied to real world problems such as global climate change can lead to surprisingly creative and useful solutions.

In addition, AI’s use in learning chess shows us its strengths in learning about rule abound games and its ability to surpass humans in those fields but highlights its weakness when creative thinking about problems that are unique. In those cases where the past gives no guidance then only the human minds ability to conceptualise and conceive of novel, solutions will deliver the future for humanity. A thought provoking and interesting talk.  Click HERE to view the video of Tom’s talk.  Tom co-authored a book, available online from Art+Australia, called Apostrophe Duchamp about the 1967/68 Australian Duchamp exhibition.  Click HERE to see details.

Perth Lecture 17th October 2020 – Sustainability

Drs Jane Genovese and Peter Langlands gave a fascinating Perth Lecture at the State Library this Saturday on Sustainability and showed how we might make a difference. Very thought provoking and enjoyable.

Kings Park Picnic 26 February 2020

Representatives from all 10 U3A Perth Regions defied the stormy weather forecast to attend the annual picnic in Kings Park. A good game of Finska (Scandinavian skittles) was enjoyed before the rain came down in torrents – bringing the visitors closer together while sheltering in the pavilion.


City Lecture – “Culture can Spark City Revival” – Professor Ted Snell

At the Wesley Quarter on October the 19th, Professor Ted Snell, the Chief Cultural Officer and Director of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, gave a talk to some 80 U3A members and others.  Professor Snell made a strong case for a vibrant culture being the spark to improve the lives of Western Australians and how Perth could be the lead city in an Indian Ocean revival of culture.

2019 Seminar – “The Genius of DNA”

The 2019 U3A Perth Seminar was held at the Wesley Quarter Hall on Saturday the 13th of July.  Over 100 members and others participated in a wonderful seminar entitled “The Genius of DNA” presented by five expert speakers in the field of DNA.  The seminar was opened by the U3A Perth Patron, Emeritus Professor Dr Alan Robson AO.  The program gives more information about the Seminar and the speakers who were: Emeritus Professor Dr Robert Mead, Dr Gavin Turbett, Dr Shane Tobe and Dr Ruey-Leng Loo all from Murdoch University along with Mrs Christine Harris from Family HistoryWA.  The seminar was organised by a committee coordinated by Stephanie Mitchell and including Jennie Cox and Ron Mitchell.  Members from Wanneroo Region provided great assistance during the day, especially with setting out and cleaning up after the delicious lunch.

City Lecture 26th May 2019 – Catriona Gregg

Catriona Gregg presented a stimulating lecture for around 85 U3A Perth members and others at the Wesley Quarter Hall.  Her topic was “A Chair is a Chair is a Chair – Exploring the History of Interior Design through the Chair”.

Kings Park Picnic 2019

Wanneroo Xmas Party 29 November 2018

The Haze Concert 17 November 2018

Have a Go Day 2018

WA Network Conference 2018

Seminar – 25 July 2018

Joondalup Region 10th Anniversary

North Coast Region 30th Anniversary

U3A State Conference, Canberra 2018

2018 AGM