U3A Perth Starting Up 

Now that WA is into Stage 4 of the COVID-19 restrictions, U3A Perth will resume face-to-face activities during July.  Each region will be commence activities according to State and Local Government rules.  Social distancing of 2sqm and 1.5m apart will still apply, along with hand sanitising and cleaning rules.  Not all of the regions will start on the same date.  Members will need to take note of the communications they receive from their regional committees and check the regional web pages for details.

Annual General Meeting

the 2020 AGM that was postponed due to the COVID-19 virus has been rescheduled for the 1st of November.  Further information will be available shortly on the website and in Inform.

COVID-19  Important notice from the President of U3A Perth

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Letters from Denise Beer – President of U3A Perth

24 March 2020
15 March 2020

  Click on the button to read the first edition of Informal.  Informal was produced by Peter Bifield from contributions by members as a way of keeping our members informed and stimulated during the Covid-19 crisis.  

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The cancellation of U3A Perth activities doesn’t mean you have to be deprived of opportunities to learn.  U3A Online has many courses that you can enrol in and learn on your computer.  Click on this button 


Swan Hills member Janice Brooks has kindly sent in some “brain games” to help keep you mentally stimulated during this time of social isolation.  The games are a series of files that you open by clicking on the links below and then printing them out.  Solutions will be follow next week.  

Week 1-Introduction
Sneaky Symbols set1
Cryptic Flowers set6 - Clues
Cryptic Flowers - List page 1
Cryptic Flowers - List page 2
Who Are These People - Instructions
Who Are These People1 - Puzzle
Answers Cryptic Flowers set6
Answers Who are these people?
Answers Sneaky Symbols set1
Information binary to decimal
Binary to decimal exercise
Mad dogs and Englishmen Set 1
Analogies and similarities set 1
Sneaky Symbols set2
Answers Mad dogs and Englishmen set1

Answers Analogies similarities set1
Answers Binary to decimal
Answers Sneaky Symbol set2
Week3-Note from Janice
What are these places? set1

Where are we - coordinates instructions
Coordinates set1
Mad dogs and Englishmen set2
What are these places set1
Who are these people set2
Answers What are these Places Set1
Answers Mad dogs and Englishment Set2
Answers Where are we Set1
Answers Who are these people? Set2
Week 4
Coordinates Set2
Mixed Letters and Anagrams Set6
Trying Triads Set5
What are these places Set2
Answers Coordinates Set2
Answers Mixed Letters & Anagrams Set6
Answers Trying Triads Set5
Answers What are these places? Set2


Week 5
Where are we coordinates Set3
Where are we map grid
Analogies and Similarities Set2
Binary Arithmetic Set2
What are these places? Set3
Answers Where are we Set3

Answers Analogies & Similarities Set2
Answers Binary Arithmetic Set2
Answers What are these Places Set3
Week 6
Cryptic Flowers Set5
List of Flowers
Mad Dogs and Englishmen Set4
Sneaky Symbols Set4
Trying Triads Set7
Answers Cryptic Flowers Set5
Answers Mad Dogs and Englishmen Set4
Answers Sneaky Symbols Set4
Answers Trying Triads Set7
Week 7
Analogies Set4

Anagrams Set8
Family Trees
What are these places? Set4
Answers Analogies Set4
Answers Anagrams Set8
Answers Family Trees
Answers What are these places Set4
Week 8
Mixed Letters and Anagrams Set9
Sneaky Symbols Set5
Trying Triads Set9
What are these places Set5
Answers Mixed letters and Anagrams Set9
Answers Sneaky Symbols Set5
Answers Trying Triads Set9
Answers What are these places Set5
Week 9
Cryptic Australia Set1
Australia Towns Cryptic List
Mixed Letters and Anagrams Set10
Trying Triads Set10
Prime Numbers and Prime Factors V2
Answers Cryptic Australia Set1
Answers Mixed Letters and Anagrams Set10
Answers Trying Triads Set10
Answers Fractions Answers 1 and 2
Week 10
Cryptic Australia Set2
My End is My Beginning Set2
Sneaky Symbols Set6
What are these places? Set7
Answers Cryptic Australia Set2
Answers My End is My Beginning Set2
Answers Sneaky Symbols Set6
Answers What are these places Set7
Week 11
Anagrams Set11
Doubles Set3
My End is My Beginning Set3
Sneaky Symbols Set7
Answers Anagrams Set11
Answers Doubles Set3
Answers My End is my Beginning Set3
Answers Sneaky Symbols Set7
Week 12
Cryptic Australia Set3
Doubles Set4
Sneaky Symbols Set8
What Are These Places Set8
Answers Cryptic Australia Set3

Answers Doubles Set4
Answers Sneaky Symbols Set8
Answers What are these Places Set8

City Courses Cancelled.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, City Courses for Semester 1, 2020 have been cancelled.  Those that have paid fees will receive a refund in the near future.