Art for Everyone

The “Art for Everyone” Lecture Series for 2023 is now fully booked.

We regret that because the venue is booked to full seating capacity, we are unable to accept further bookings or visitors.

If you are interested in attending one of the remaining lectures in 2023 in place of a subscriber who has tendered their apology, please click HERE  (There is no guarantee that an opportunity will occur, but preference will be given in the order of interest expressed.) 

Lectures are held in the private Theatrette of the Art Gallery of Western Australia on the 3rd Wednesday of the month through to and including November.

Entry for those who have booked is via the James Street glass doors (opposite the Museum entrance).

You will need to wear your U3A badge to gain entry through the locked doors.  On admission, please ensure you are ticked off on the list of subscribers, and aim to be seated in the auditorium by 10:55; lectures run from 11am to 12noon.  Late admission may not be possible.

U3A City Courses are most appreciative that the Art Gallery of WA has again hosted us and provided assistance in presenting this 2023 series.  We hope to be able to offer U3A members an equally high quality and very economical introduction to art appreciation for next year.

Our first lecture of 2023

Internationally acclaimed professional photographer, Nick Melidonis, explained to an enthusiastic full house in the AGWA Theatrette how light can be used to transform a photograph into an outstanding work of Art!

U3A members enjoying the morning tea with the Art Gallery Director and Volunteer Guides at the completion of our 2022 lecture series.


15 March


Colin Walker

Capturing light to create Art

Nick Melidonis

Official welcome and introduction by the Director of the Art Gallery of WA, Colin Walker.

We asked an art educator and award-winning Master Photographer, “What transforms a mere faithful reproduction into a universally-recognised work of art?“  Recipient of numerous photographic accolades, Nick Melidonis, explores the role of light in an informative and entertaining discussion, using fine examples of photographic art.

19 April

Principles of Design

Karen McKay

How are your responses being manipulated through the principles of design used by artists? Different combinations of balance, movement, unity, emphasis, repetition and contrast are used by artists to create a mood, elicit a reaction or simply to grab your attention!   Karen is an art teacher and a long-term Voluntary Gallery Guide and presenter for our U3A Art program. Join her again, or for the first time!

17 May

Art that makes you think!

Dr Clarissa Ball

University of WA’s Dr Clarissa Ball will discuss in detail one of the current AGWA exhibitions and in her typically insightful analysis, perhaps alert us to far more than “just a pretty picture”!

21 June

Hermannsburg and the Arrernte Artists of Central Australia

Adrienne Marshall

While Albert Namatjira is the most well-known artist from Hermannsburg, the story of his life and the generations of artists he inspired is not so well known. Gallery Guide Adrienne Marshall will follow the history of the Lutheran mission, the life and work of Albert Namatjira, and some of the talented artists who followed him.

19 July

How to read an Artwork

Sue Geddes-Page

Like words and sentences, visual art elements and principles can be ‘read’ in context to reveal meaning. Philosophical, cultural and stylistic signs assist in unpacking images and art objects, enriching the viewer’s experience. Sue Geddes-Page is a Principal Lecturer at TAFE who specialises in Visual Culture, with particular interests in ceramics, garden design and art history.

16 August

From Paris to Perth

Gillian Gallagher

This year experienced Gallery Guide, Gillian Gallagher, will describe for us how radical art movements in Paris in the 19th century came to be embraced by the artists whose works we now see in our own State Art Collection.

20 Sept

Iconic works in the AGWA Collection

Stephanie Watson

Stephanie Watson is a Guide at the Art Gallery of WA and the Parliament House Art Collection. Stephanie will analyse a selection of iconic works from the State Art Collection and share with us some interesting (and perhaps less well known) stories about the artists and their work.

18 Oct

Music to paint by

Rob Bower

In 1919 two Sydney artists attempted to relate colour with musical tones.  An exhibition with titles like, “The boat sheds, in violet red key” the works caused a furore.   Rob Bower explores why Australia was briefly a leader in artistic development and discusses later efforts to modernise Australian art and art collections.

15 Nov

Martin Jaine Sculptures

Martin Jaine

From farmer to antiques dealer, builder to sculptor, Martin is the man behind the brand. Martin has spent many years getting his hands dirty while lovingly polishing fine antiques and restoring historic properties in and around Perth. Martin Jaine Sculptures at Earlsferry House started in 2011 as a hobby and now has three employees making handcrafted sculptures from recycled materials.