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AGM 2020 Speaker – Tom Picton-Warlow

Tom is thanked for his thought-provoking talk by Jennie Cox

What if “The Matrix” was right and what we see, and think in reality is just an illusion? That was the background of Tom Picton-Warlow’s talk to the postponed AGM on Sunday 1 November at the State Library. The ability of Marcell Duchamp to view and think of things in a different and highly creative way, particularly his view of chess and a creative process, gives us an insight into how we should all think creatively about the world and its problems. Tom walked the meeting through Duchamp’s methodology for analysing the world in a different way to come up with creative solutions. The most obvious was repurposing a urinal as a piece of art or fountain. While it met with a lot of resistance and scepticism similar thinking when applied to real world problems such as global climate change can lead to surprisingly creative and useful solutions.

In addition, AI’s use in learning chess shows us its strengths in learning about rule abound games and its ability to surpass humans in those fields but highlights its weakness when creative thinking about problems that are unique. In those cases where the past gives no guidance then only the human minds ability to conceptualise and conceive of novel, solutions will deliver the future for humanity. A thought provoking and interesting talk.  Click HERE to view the video of Tom’s talk.  Tom co-authored a book, available online from Art+Australia, called Apostrophe Duchamp about the 1967/68 Australian Duchamp exhibition.  Click HERE to see details.