The Film Crew

Members of the U3A Film Crew are spread right across the U3A Perth region, from Joondalup in the north to Baldivis (Rockingham branch) in the south.  As members are not confined to any particular branch, this gives greater exposure of the crew’s activities to the whole Perth region and informs U3A members of the comprehensive nature of the crew’s work.

The crew members bring a wealth of skills in different areas of film-making, including sound engineering, documentary, editing, still photography and most importantly, creativity.

The crew is proactive in seeking a range of different events to video, and has been asked to cover many different types of events.  This increase in demand for the crew’s work has lead to a noteworthy expansion of its skills which, in turn, leads to significantly better and varied final productions.

All our work can be viewed in the Video Gallery.

About the Film Crew

The U3A Film Crew formed in 2013 with a grant from Lotteries West which provided 10 original members with a professional instructional course in photography and film-making by Fremantle Film and Television Institute (FTI).  The grant also provided for the purchase of equipment that allowed the group to begin its endeavours.

However, over time and with the advancement of technology, some of this equipment has become redundant.  Crew members continually update equipment, at their own expense. This includes many cameras (still and video), several types of sound equipment, an even wider variety of microphones, tripods, and the computer software for post-production work. 

The Crew is passionate about its work, and strives to give U3A the very best in marketing and publicity material, as well as producing interesting and factual stories about its members.

Film Crew’s aim is:

To learn filmmaking as a group and share the experience with others in the U3A spirit of Living is Learning.

To do this by:

  • building a professional and creative film unit and by delegating specific tasks to individuals
  • actively expanding the crew’s membership and expertise
  • promoting the name of the Film Crew specifically and U3A generally.