Lesmurdie Region to Restart

Lesmurdie region will start again in July. Stage 4 social distancing rules will apply at all events.

August – October Program

November – February 2021 Program

Lesmurdie Hills Region meets from 10 am to 12 noon every first and third Tuesday of the month. The fourth Tuesday members meet for a coffee club at different venues. In the months that have 5 Tuesdays, we organise an outing for the club on that day.  Visitors are always welcome!

We meet at “Falls Farm” which is a renovated farmhouse, 42 Cagney Way , Lesmurdie.

Our contacts are Heidi on 9435 9813 or 0437 441 924 and Kay on 9453 1436

Fossils in Australia

Neils being thanked by Clive

Neils Dahl acquainted Lesmurdie with the mind blowing length of the earth’s life and the fossils laid down in the bit of land that eventualy became Australia. An interesting and informative talk.







Dick Whittington’s Cat

Did you know that Dick Whittington was a real person who’s misfortune was to have a cat that stole the limelight? Elton Brown reacquainted Lesmurdie with the real facts that were fascinating and still having an impact today.

A Trip to Kalamunda History Village

It’s the 5th Tuesday of the month so Lesmurdie enjoyed coffee, a trip to Kalamunda History Village and lunch at the Kalamunda Hotel. Excellent day out for all.

Why things Fail

Peter Bifield spoke to Lesmurdie Region about the causes of failure in the building industry. He then walked them through a number of notable catastrophes and highlighted what went wrong. Members appreciated the insights and had an enjoyable meeting. Here he is thanked be new member Mike.



1st September – Arthur Harvey

Arthur Harvey took Lesmurdie U3A through Captain Cook’s prowess in navigation and why the Transit of Venus was important. A fascinating insight into the early days of science. Here he is with Program Coordinator Heidi Pember.

18th August – John Paskulisk

Paul Paskulish today walked U3A Lesmurdie through over a hundred years of history of Telecommunications highlighting how much had changed and in some cases how much was the same. A fascinating insight into this essential technology.

Some Lesmurdie Hills Activities during 2019



Excursion to Perth Observatory