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Lesmurdie Hills Region meets from 10 am to 12 noon on the first and third Tuesday of the month.   On the fourth Tuesday members meet for a Coffee Club. In the months that have 5 Tuesdays, we organise an outing for the members.   Visitors are always welcome!

We meet at “Falls Farm”, 42 Cagney Way , Lesmurdie

Contact Heidi on 0437 441 024 or Kay on 9453 1436 

Nov – Feb 2022 Program

Tivoli Club

Lesmurdie Hills enjoyed a  Christmas show and lunch at the Tivoli this Sunday. Excellent afternoon.


Talitha Houston

Talitha Houston enthralled Lesmurdie Hills with her story of producing a book on Birds of the Perth Hills before her 17th birthday. A confident and well presented talk captivated members. Member Peter congratulates Talitha on her professional talk.




Melbourne Cup

Lesmurdie Hills U3A celebrated Melbourne Cup Day in style at Falls Farm.





The Wayfairer Program

Andrew Kykerios and Erin Taylor spoke to U3A Lesmurdie Hills about the need to understand what makes paid work fulfilling and the need to plan leisure in retirement to achieve the same goals. Their WayFairer program run in Kalamunda aims to link retired people with opportunities to enrich their lives. Member Colin thanks Andrew and Erin for their interesting talk.






Tour of Mandurah Canals 

Lesmurdie Hills U3A had a delightful trip to Mandurah to tour the Canals and finished with lunch  at Cicerello’s. Here they are with the charter boat.







Barbara Alcock explained AUSLAN to U3A Lesmurdie Hills in an entertaining and enthusiastic talk that covered the basics and also gave an insight into deaf culture. Member Clive thanks Barbara for her excellent talk.

Social Morning

Lesmurdie Hills had a social morning for a change and celebrated Heidi ‘s 80th birthday. A good time had by all.

Peter Bifield talks Physics

U3A member Tim thanks Peter for his interesting talk.

Peter Bifield talked to Lesmurdie Hills about what Physics has to say about the world we see around us even though it sometimes seems to defy our reality.






Lesmurdie visits Police Museum

Lesmurdie Hills enjoyed an informative visit to the WA Police museum at Highgate that included a delicious brunch. So many stories.

Scuba Diving

John Paskulish covered all things SCUBA diving in his interesting and informative talk to Lesmurdie Hills  on Tuesday. John is thanked by U3A member Tim.






Museum Tour

After COVID-19 delays,  Lesmurdie finally got their tour of the new Museum. Very enjoyable with stunning exhibits and something for everyone.

Walking the Bibbulmen Track

Clive Stubbington enthralled Lesmurdie Hills with his exploits on the Bibbulmen Track taking a number of years to become an end to ender. Member Kay thanks Clive who is kitted out with his pack which he shared with the group.

Loud Noises

Member Bill thanks Dixie for his fascinating insights.

Dixie Kidd as an Army engineer was an eyewitness to the Atomic Bomb tests in the North West of Western Australia. His interesting, first hand account to Lesmurdie brought this piece of history alive.









From Flags to Facebook

Member Colin thanks Peter for stepping into the breach.

RAC cancelled because of COVID-19 so Peter Bifield delivered Gary Triffitt’s talk on a brief history of communication.







Chalk and Cheese – Stuart and Burke

Clive thanks Terry Harvey for his insightful and well researched talk.

Terry Harvey contrasted the life and experiences of both explorers and showed how one while experienced, resourceful and successful was largely forgotten; the other with only leadership abilities but no bushcraft, being better resourced, having lost many men and getting himself killed in the process is still well known today.





From Farm to Plate

Colin Pember thanks Eric for his informative talk.

Eric Altinier acquainted Lesmurdie with the tricks of the trade to producing fruit for market. A fascinating insight into the industry.








Marvellous Morocco

Mike thanks Judith for an excellent talk.

Judith Amey enthralled Lesmurdie with Tales of Morocco’s past, culture and diversity. Fascinating insight to the country.







Biggest Morning Tea

Lesmurdie Hills held a wonderful Biggest Morning Tea and in the process raised over $330 for cancer research.







Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

Member Clive thanks Elton for his informative talk.

Elton Brown took Lesmurdie through the life and background of Geoffrey Chaucer as a context for and understanding off the Canterbury Tales. Recounting some of the Tales showed how they are still amusing and relevant today.








Lord Howe Island

Colin thanks Peter for his informative talk

Peter Alcock acquainted Lesmurdie with the history and delights of Lord Howe Island and opined that but for a quirk of history,  its presence on the Zealandia continental plate means it should probably belong to New Zealand.









Lesmurdie Tours Kanyana

Lesmurdie visited Kanyana and enjoyed the extensive facilities and animals. A worthwhile organisation with a good story to tell. The day was capped with a delicious lunch at the Kalamunda Hotel.

Days of the Duyfken

Secretary Kay thanks Nigel for the talk

Nigel Ridgeway transported Lesmurdie back to the days when sail was king and wooden ships ruled the seas in a search for the highly valued spices. He finished with a virtual tour of the reconstructed Duyfken. Fascinating!







Swan Hills learn AUSLAN

Denise thanks Barbara for her talk

Barbara Alcock enthralled Swan Hills with what it’s like to be Deaf and the intricacies of AUSLAN. Along the way we picked up enough to say hello and some basic conversational skills. Fascinating!






By Rail through the Andes

Gary O’Hagan regaled 20 members and guests with details of his railway trip through the Andes from Columbia to Chile. Some spectacular scenery,  bridges and tunnels to see. Fascinating insight into these South American countries.

Lesmurdie goes Stargazing

Lesmurdie Hills Region finished the week stargazing at the Perth Observatory on Sunday Night. On show was everything from the moon, Orion, jewel box galaxies and stars near and far. Breathtaking.





Geology and Aboriginal Art

Colin Pember thanks Dr Ferland for her talk.

Dr Marie Ferland took Lesmurdie U3A through a fascinating exploration of Australian geology and it’s impact on Aboriginal Art in the Burrup Peninsula, particularly the negative impact of modern industrialisation and what could or should be done. Food for thought.







Coffee and Chat to start the year

Lesmurdie Hills Region enjoyed a coffee and chat at Dome Kalamunda in January. Not long till U3A kicks off for 2021.





Lesmurdie AGM

Lesmurdie Hills held its AGM and final meeting for 2020 and issued certificates of appreciation to a number of members for their long standing efforts on behalf of the club. Well done to all recipients.




Peter Bifield talks about the Internet

This Friday, Peter Bifield took Swan Hills U3A for an overview of the exciting  world available on the Internet. Hopefully encouraging members to explore some of the wonderful things on offer. Neils is pictured here thanking Peter for the presentation.



Big Morning Tea

Lesmurdie Hills enjoyed a postponed Big Morning Tea on Tuesday the 17th of November and raised over $350 for Cancer Council research in the process.

Fossils in Australia

Neils being thanked by Clive

Neils Dahl acquainted Lesmurdie with the mind blowing length of the earth’s life and the fossils laid down in the bit of land that eventualy became Australia. An interesting and informative talk.







Dick Whittington’s Cat

Did you know that Dick Whittington was a real person who’s misfortune was to have a cat that stole the limelight? Elton Brown reacquainted Lesmurdie with the real facts that were fascinating and still having an impact today.

A Trip to Kalamunda History Village

It’s the 5th Tuesday of the month so Lesmurdie enjoyed coffee, a trip to Kalamunda History Village and lunch at the Kalamunda Hotel. Excellent day out for all.

Why things Fail

Peter Bifield spoke to Lesmurdie Region about the causes of failure in the building industry. He then walked them through a number of notable catastrophes and highlighted what went wrong. Members appreciated the insights and had an enjoyable meeting. Here he is thanked be new member Mike.



1st September – Arthur Harvey

Arthur Harvey took Lesmurdie U3A through Captain Cook’s prowess in navigation and why the Transit of Venus was important. A fascinating insight into the early days of science. Here he is with Program Coordinator Heidi Pember.

18th August – John Paskulisk

Paul Paskulish today walked U3A Lesmurdie through over a hundred years of history of Telecommunications highlighting how much had changed and in some cases how much was the same. A fascinating insight into this essential technology.

Some Lesmurdie Hills Activities during 2019



Excursion to Perth Observatory