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Meetings and venues:  All general meetings with a speaker or other presentation are held in the St Augustine’s Hall on the first and third fridays.   Philosophy group meetings are held on the second and fourth fridays.

Note:  Bookings for WASO concerts need to be made at least two general meetings prior to the concert date.

March – April 2021 Program

Canning River Celebrates the End of 2020

Canning River celebrated the end of a year of turmoil.  And once again it all happened at the Karalee.  Then we heralded in the new year with a game of Croquet.  Let’s hope the new year will be as sweet as the dessert!



On the 6th of March, at our regular regional meeting, Dr. Jane Allen presented a most interesting talk on the above topic. The interest piqued even further when we discovered the genetics involved were human in nature, and not plant based. Many of our members attempted to take notes from her slides, and to this end we have the doctor’s permission to distribute the slides in the form of a “.PDF” document which is available from this link. Many thanks to Dr. Jane Allen, and we might look forward to another impressive talk.

Canning River Invades The Karalee

On the last meeting Friday for the year, Canning River, (formerly South East) held their annual break-up party. After an excellent experience last year, we again availed ourselves of the wonderful atmosphere, food, and Christmas trimmings at The Karalee on Preston. So many of us participated, and we all enjoyed our favourite beverage and the sumptuous offerings from the menu, including some very more-ish desserts! Let us all wish everyone a safe and enjoyable season, and look forward to doing it all again next year!

Canning River Invades “The Pines”
Friday 17th saw U3A members from Canning River fill four tables at The Pines training restaurant in Bentley.  Service from qualified staff was impeccable, and with good food and good company, it was a most enjoyable outing. I can vouch for the scallop and mushroom entrée, the lamb shank with vegetables, and the fruit salad dessert. All washed down with a Guinness. Many thanks to Petra for organising the outing, and I, for one, will look forward to our next visit.  (by Peter Browne)

Croquet Day at the Como Croquet Club on 20 May 2018

Mandurah Cruise – 16th of March 2018

Photos taken at a recent games afternoon held by Canning River Region.